Chain Reaction: Sleep apnea is still a headache; blockchain could help end modern slavery
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Chain Reaction: Sleep apnea is still a headache; blockchain could help end modern slavery

Private label sourcing on the uptick provided Supply Chain Dive with data and fun graphs depicting manufacturing trends, collected from the past 12 weeks:



The prevalence of injection molding is notable: that's a product sourced by manufacturers, meaning there's lots of injection molding companies out there servicing manufacturers, which potentially puts them at risk for displacement because of the rise of (you guessed it) 3-D printing.

Just a quick Google search comparing injection molding to 3-D printing reveals pages of articles and blog posts dedicated to explaining the differences, the cost-per-unit analysis, and which one is better for which manufacturing scenarios.

Last summer I talked to the CEO and co-founder of 3-D printing startup Voodoo, who believes 3-D printing has a real chance of disrupting the additive manufacturing sector, because 3-D printing shortens the long lead times of injection molding and doesn't have as many upfront costs.

If manufacturers are relying this much on injection molding, then theoretically, 3-D printing startups could easily slide over and steal business.



According to this graph, it looks like private label sourcing is on the uptick, and doing a lot better than it did this time last year, which suggests companies are tightening brand and supply chain control. In an increasingly competitive market threatened by e-commerce, big companies are probably feeling the pressure to differentiate themselves more.

But manufacturers are unsure about AVs

Earlier this week, PwC released its Industrial Mobility Report: How autonomous vehicles can change manufacturing, revealing that manufacturers believe AVs are the future but are still hesitating to adopt.

Maybe that's because lawmakers and automakers still haven't worked out all the kinks: "Tesla" is a polarizing word, and the recent fatal crashes involving its Autopilot system aren't exactly comforting, even to the optimists.

Furthermore, Tesla's Q4 2017 earnings were a pretty big disappointment: production for the Model 3 got pushed back, again; the company's working capital descended from $600 million to negative $1,065 million; and the gross profit margins on the Model S and the Model X declined.

Then again, Musk has always delivered on his promises, even if he never delivers when he says he will. Despite the disappointing Q4, Tesla believers are sure the company will rebound — eventually.

FRA gets its hand slapped

Speaking of crashes, the National Transportation Safety Board told the Federal Railroad Administration to start administering sleep apnea tests again after discovering that the two most recent rail crashes involved rail workers with undiagnosed sleep apnea, according to Fleet Owner.

While rail crashes aren't as commonplace as highway crashes involving semi-trucks, both types of accidents have at least one thing in common: employees with sleep apnea working late hours.

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