Kapoklog Logistics InterContinental Hotel Business IHG meeting
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Shenzhen Kapoklog Logistics Logistics Co., Ltd. InterContinental Hotel Business IHG meeting 2018.7
Shenzhen Kapoklog Logistics Logistics Co., Ltd.  InterContinental Hotel Business  Conference IHG  2018.7

In July 15, 2018, Shenzhen Kapoklog  logistics members participated in the company party, of which Shenzhen BCCM Co., Ltd. (Kapoklog logistics business department) was also the first to participate in the whole staff party ,the party was hosted by the InterContinental Hotel and the staff of the departments of Kapoklog logistics participated in every link of the activities. We shared the work experience and expanded our vision. 
General Manager Rain Song made a speech at the end of the meeting, looking forward to everyone's joint efforts to build kapoklog Logistics into a favorite Internet logistics enterprises by customers.

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